Business & Industry in Galva Iowa


Galva has several ag-related businesses, including: AgState (grain, feed and seed); Rod’s Fertilizer & Sales, Inc. (fertilizer and herbicide); Padavich Ag Supply and, Goettsch Trucking, and Don Hoops Trucking (grain hauling services).


Many retail, commercial and other business services are available in Galva. These include , trucking, seed corn/bean sales, full service gas station, plumbing/heating. In addition, Quad County Corn Processors is an ethanol plant is south of town. For a complete listing of business available in Galva, see the business listing.


Galva remains committed to stimulating of industrial, commercial, recreational and residential development. Interested parties should contact: Economic Development:

Alan Bennett
Galva Economic Development Corp.
Anita Brandt
City Clerk
Phone 712 282-4228
FAX: 712 282-4228
City of Galva
116 South Main Street
PO Box 102
Galva, IA 51020

Community Development:

Rita Frahm,
Ida County Economic Director
Wil Riley
Phone: 712 282-4439
125 S. Main Street
Galva, IA 51020

The Galva Economic Development Corporation was founded in 1999 with its main purpose to stimulate industrial, commercial, and recreational development in Galva. The eight-member board also assists existing businesses within the community to compete successfully.


United Bank of Iowa, located in the center of Galva, prides itself on supporting local businesses and citizens.


Located in downtown Galva is Helander’s Pub, located in downtown Galva. Also on Main Street Sizzlin’ j Bar & Grill offers a variety of menu items including barbecue. A complete variety of restaurants are also available in the surrounding area.


Two weekly newspapers cover the latest news, events and sports in the area and around the county. These publication “The Holstein Advance”, and “The Ida County Courier” are professional quality publications with small-town integrity. The “Des Moines Register” and “Sioux City Journal” are delivered in town daily. The three major networks are represented by Sioux City television stations. Cable television is also available.



Electrical service is provided by Mid American Energy Company. Northwest Rural Electric Company is a rural co-operative that offers electrical service outside the city limits.


Natural gas is provided by Mid American Energy Company. The pipeline supplier is Northern Natural Gas Company/ENRON.


Telephone service is provided by Schaller Telephone Service. Cellular and Internet services are available in the area.


City water is available and is supplied by Cherokee Rural Water. The source of the water is Dakota Sandstone. A new elevated 100,000 gallon storage tank is in use in conjunction with the water plant. Average consumption is 60,000 gallons per day and with a peak capacity of 95,000.

Galva has a complete sewage system provided through a secondary treatment plant. This plant serves 100% of the city; average load is 35,000 gallons per day with a peak capacity of 40,000 gpd and a design capacity of 60,000 gpd.


The workforce available in Galva and Ida County is highly motivated and provides a wide variety of skills. Here, the midwestern work ethic is alive and well. The state’s absenteeism and turnover rates average less than five percent. Eighty-six percent of the area workforce are high school graduates while thirty-eight percent have at least some college education. Work record stability studies show that forty-six percent of area workers have held their current jobs for five or more years. Although Galva has, and will continue to provide new areas of industry to provide growth and diversity.