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The Galva Economic Development Corporation (GEDC) is a non-profit organization that was formed in July of 1999. The GEDC is comprised of a diverse group of community minded individuals whose primary interest is to assist with economic development in and around Galva. What’s been going on in Galva lately? We are so glad you asked!

If you haven’t visited Galva for awhile, you’ll be happy to know that Galva is still a great place to live and raise children! Galva has a low cost of living, supports the Ridge View Middle School, has a beautiful park with modern playground equipment, and a wonderful library. The new South View housing development continues to grow providing affordable homes and attracting new families to the community.

In addition, Galva is proud of its new housing development providing affordable housing. , its infrastructure of streets, sewer systems, rural water supply, and water tower. High-speed wireless internet is readily available. Galva has more than 25 businesses in town and the surrounding vicinity.

Galva, Iowa is the spiritual home of St. John’s Lutheran Church and the United Methodist Church. Galva has an active volunteer fire department and first responders. These dedicated professionals are an asset to our community!

Galva has a lot to offer, and we encourage you to take a second look!


  • Stimulate economic growth & development
  • Revitalize Main Street
  • Acquire tract of land for housing development
  • Promote existing Galva businesses
  • Develop industrial park
  • Support the Community Center project


Many of GEDC’s goals have been realized, and significant progress has been made on others through the ongoing efforts of group members

  • Quad County Corn Processors (a 22 million gallon ethanol plant) and Air Liquide (a dry ice manufacturing facility) are currently operating in an industrial park three miles south of Galva. This 102-acre industrial park is zoned for enterprise use and has direct access to Highway 20, a major east west highway across Iowa.
  • The City of Galva purchased 13 acres of land on the south edge of Galva and has completed paving Phases #1 and #2 of this project. Construction of the fourth home has recently been completed. “South View Addition” lots are now available for $1. If you would like more information, please contact Galva City Clerk, Anita Brandt, at 712-282-4228.
  • GEDC assisted with the construction of new sidewalks on the east side of Main Street.
  • There is interest in building a new Community Center in Galva. Please join us in support for this project!
  • GEDC raised $10,000 and an electronic message center has been installed in front of the Galva Library. This sign broadcasts community and business events.
  • The GEDC has started its main street revitalization project with the removal of dilapidated buildings on Main Street and welcomes the opportunity for new businesses in Galva.

GEDC welcomes your questions and comments.
Please direct all communications to:

Galva Economic Development Corporation
Phone: 712-282-4608
You may also contact Rita Frahm, Secretary GEDC 800-245-4108
Galva Economic Development Corporation
c/o Alan Bennett, GEDC President
1681 Market Avenue
Galva, IA 51020


If you have been away from Galva, maybe it’s time to check out what’s happening here? Maybe you have a business that could be relocated to northwest Iowa? Perhaps you have an idea for a new value-added venture? Galva has room to grow whether its for residential or commercial purposes! Please consider retiring in Galva or consider donating some of your estate to the community where you grew up. All charitable contributions are tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor.

Galva is actively seeking out businesses such as manufacturing, assisted living facility, communications or computer-based, bulk storage facilities, greenhouses, niche or specialty shops, convenience stores, truck stops, and others. The possibilities are endless!


Donations are always appreciated and can be forwarded to:

GEDC, c/o American National Bank,
Galva, IA 51020